1. Nungwi Beach.

This is one of the most popular beach in Zanzibar which is found in northern part of Zanzibar, the beach is filled with people full of fun and while you are in Nungwi you can do a lot of adventurous activities like Sunset cruising with Dhow or Catamaran, diving with dolphins, tropical fish, sea turtles, and sometimes curious shark, Skydive, Snorkeling, Swimming with turtles, horse riding also Nungwi is a popular place for dive centers in Zanzibar. The beach is located about 67.4 km from Zanzibar Airport and 62.9 km from Stone Town.

  1. Matemwe beach.

If you like snorkeling then Matemwe is the place to do so, the place is famous for snorkeling. Fishing is forbidden at Matemwe which makes it a great place to see different beautiful sea creatures like Green turtles, Indo-Pacific sergeant, Titan trigger fish, Moorish Idol and many more. The beach is located on the north-east coast of Zanzibar.

  1. Kendwa Beach.

With crystal clear water Kendwa beach is considered as the best beach in Zanzibar Islands and Tanzania as a whole, it gives a perfect spot for swimming, diving, snorkeling and sun-bathing. One of unique feature of this beach is that the tide don’t change compare to other beaches, the beach is located on the North West part of Zanzibar (Unguja Island). About 66.2 km from Zanzibar Airport and 61.7 km from Stone town.

  1. Dongwe Beach.

This tropical paradise is filled with white sand beach and beautiful palm trees which give amazing relaxing shadows for travelers, The beach is excellent for swimming at high tide and when the tides are low you can go to explore shells and small marine animals.

Also, you can go kayaking in the mangroves, and there are great sites for snorkeling in the blue lagoon where you can see colorful starfish, or take a bike ride along the beach.

  1. Jambiani beach

This small fishing village with fewer tourists than some other beaches, but there is plenty to do if you are feeling a little more adventurous where you can snorkel or dive with the “real” locals, several varieties of tropical fish, seahorses, and stingrays, or take a deep-sea fishing trip to catch the big trophy fish. The Beach is located on the South East coast of Zanzibar Island (Unguja). About 55.6 km from Zanzibar Airport and 54.7 km from Stone Town.

  1. Paje beach

The beach is among the best Holiday destinations for Kiting in Africa Continent, Not only Kiting sport, but also a great place for Snorkeling, diving and other activities. There are plenty of local stores where you can go and buy fruits, local foods, or hand works like sculptures and paintings. This beach is located on the South East coast of Zanzibar Island (Unguja), about 49.8 km from Zanzibar Airport and 49.0 km from Stone Town.

  1. Kiwengwa beach

The beach is another pristine white beach with soft, fine sand that meets the turquoise blue sea. Tourists know this beach, but it is more laid back than some of Zanzibar’s other tourist spots, sometimes called the “Little Italy” because the beach is occupied by Hotels and resorts which receive a lot of tourists from Italy. You will find so many local beach boys selling some goods to the tourists on the beach.

  1. Kizimkazi Beach

The beach is magical and mystical. It experiences drastic tide changes, and at low tide, beach, reef, tide pools, and rocks are exposed for you to explore around in.

You can also find exotic shells, crawling crabs, underwater urchins, and stunning starfish here, along with rocky beaches and cliffs that add a bit of drama to the landscape.

Though this beach sees fewer tourists than previous beaches on this list, it is acclaimed for swimming with wild dolphins. Bottle nose and Indo-Pacific dolphins both feed in the local bay.

  1. Michamvi Beach/ Michamvi Penisula.

The peninsula is found on the central east coast of the Island, with a powder like sand the beach is ideal for sun-bathing, and the peninsula has two parts Michamvi-Pingwe and Michamvi-Kae. Michamvi is also another best place for kite surf and diving, you can dive on the nearby Oba-Oba lagoon.

  1. Pongwe Beach.

The beach is ideal for quiet, romantic and solo holiday, with low tide and the white sand that runs from Matemwe makes the beach a nice place for sun bathing. Even at low tide, although not possible to swim, you can see just white sand exposed and so, as soon as there is some water, it is possible to swim. Similarly, at high tide, the sea only comes to around 10 feet from the top of the beach.