[Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism Dr. Aloyce K. Nzuki delivering the Opening Word to the tourism stakeholders during the Tourism Stakeholder Recognition Workshop aimed at restoring tourism to its original state after the fight against COVID-19, held at the National College of Tourism – Arusha Campus, Arusha City]. 

Speaking to reporters in Arusha on 28th August 2020, Dr. Nzuki said the Government in early April this year issued guidelines on how to receive and serve tourists who come to the country while procedures to prevent the spread of Corona Virus Disease are followed by providers for both (visitors and locals). ) be safe.

He said the aim of the post Corona workshop was to develop an ambitious strategy that would free the Tourism Sector from the COVID-19 Pandemic and restore it to its former glory.

“Initially we put in place procedures (SOPs) with the aim of combating the Corona Virus Disease while allowing tourists to continue to enter the country but now the situation is as good as before the onset of the Corona Virus Disease.

We are very grateful to Hon. President Dr. John Pombe Magufuli for leading us in overcoming this Korona disease “stressed Dr. Nzuki.

He said President Magufuli was able to allay the country’s fears that had spread among the people following the Corona Virus Pandemic while all procedures to protect themselves against the disease continued to be followed.

In another development, Dr. Nzuki said, Tanzania has succeeded in obtaining a certificate from the World Travel and Tourism Organization (WTTC) confirming to the world that Tanzania is a safe country for tourists to visit.

He said the act of Tanzania being given a seal of recognition (Safe Travel Stamps) as a safe country is a good sign of the strengthening of tourism industry after the Crown.

“Thanks to President Magufuli, he has done a great job of giving us guidance and confidence in tackling this disease, a situation that has led even other nations to start following our lifestyle,” Dr. Nzuki said.

In additions;

There were many stakeholders from Government and Private sector based in Tourism Sector. Among them were TTB, NCCA, Members of Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (Tato), TRA, TTCRA, Kilimanjaro Guide Association (KGA), KMGA, and Shengena Adventure Co. Ltd by mentioning few; Most of them contributed deeply on the strategies Tanzania has to take in place to recover tourism activities as per given Pandemic of COVID-19.

The following are some of the contributions from members at the meeting held in National College of Tourism Arusha Branch by the permanent Secretary of Natural Resource and Tourism Dr. Nzuki;

“On the process of insuring the trust from the miracle God has done to Tanzania about COVID-19, The Government has to invite the members of World Health Organization (WHO), To come in Tanzania and Experience the safety we are cerebrating in Tanzania that COVID-19 is no more existing” This is a very good strategy to recover Tourism Activities.

There a lot of strategies discussed so far. I have given you one strategy to sure you that we Tanzanian need to tell the world that we are real free from COVID-19.

(The image to prove that, Tanzania is safe from COVID-19)

As Shengena Adventure Co. Ltd, have attached one image to prove that we are free from COVID-19, No more wearing masks, No more physical distance, and so far. (Sorry for the use of this images).


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posted by Shengena Adventure Co. ltd  on 31st August 2020