Before Safari you might have several disturbing questions about your trip to Tanzania, for you to enjoy your trip and your visit to Tanzania there are several things to note before starting your trip to this beautiful destination.

What to bring on your safari?,


First of all depending on the flight you take it’s advised to contact the airline that you might be using so as to know their baggage weight limits, but according to the International Air Transport Association one should have a baggage of 20kg and small Carry-on baggage.
For the local airlines here in Tanzania most of them they allow a soft baggage 15 kg and hand luggage 5 kg, if it exceed the limits there are extra charges.


Depending on the time that you will arrange your safari you will also have to bring some sort of clothing’s which are suitable with the season, but generally you can pick cloths which will not make you sweat because during the day the weather is hot, the weather is colder during the morning and in the evening.
You can bring, T-shirt, shirt or blouse, comfortable shoes and even open shoes which will make you more comfortable. A pair of safari trousers – those that zip off at the knees, Swimsuit for some of lodges and camps that have swimming pools, cotton scarf and a sarong, also don’t forget sun Hat, sunglasses and insect repellent.


It is common for people to bring their cameras for videos and photos to take memories back home, but you should remember your binocular so as to be able to take a good look to the wild animals, most of the guides take their binoculars to help their guest get a better view of animals which cannot be spotted easily, but it’s better if you have yours which you trust the most.


Always remember to bring your medications, in case you are allergic to some kind of food also you should advise the agent so as to inform the lodges, also its better to take your normal medicines like antibiotics and also don’t forget other medicines that you take regularly.


Internet: While you are on a trip in Tanzania you can access Wi-Fi on most of the accommodation also in some parks have you can access Wi-Fi at the main gate.
Transport: in Tanzania most of roads in town they are tarmac road and when you are in town and you want to tour around the town there are numerous transport option, you may decide to go on foot if it’s a short distance otherwise you may decide to use a taxi or other public transport.
Within the national parks the roads are not constructed to tarmac roads because of the environmental concern, but most of the roads within the national parks are well paved and they are accessible.

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