Within the Africa’s Savannah there are three commonly known big cats from largest extant family Felidae namely Lion, cheetah and Leopard among them two are in the group of Africa big five animals which is Lion and Leopard, in Tanzania big cats are found in most of the parks, but they are found in big number on Serengeti national park, The big cats play a big vital role within the park’s ecosystem which is  to help control the population of the herbivorous especially the wildebeest.



Lion also nicknamed as “The King of the jungle” they are mostly found in East and Southern Africa, Most Lions can live from 10 to 15 years in the wild, their weight range from 120kg – 249kg (264lbs – 550lbs) and their speed which can reach up to 80 km/h, the Serengeti is home to incredible large prides of lions and most prides of lion can easily be spotted because they’re social animals. Lionesses are better hunters and do most of the hunting than the male lion. Most prides of lion can be spotted under the trees as they like to spend most time of their day sleeping, the prides of lion consist of siblings, half siblings or even strangers, there is no clear explanation for this coalition, but most suspect the coalition formed to pass on the strongest genes.


Leopard life span is from 12 to 17 years in wild, their weight range from 30kg – 90kg (66lbs – 198lbs) and their speed which can reach up to 58 km/h, leopard is the shyest cat among the big cats, they tend to hide themselves which makes it hard for them to be spotted easily, if they don’t want to be seen they can be perfectly camouflaged. In Serengeti you can be able to spot the leopard on tree branches taking nap mostly with their meal beside them, they like to have their meal on tree branches so as to avoid disturbance from other animal like lions and hyenas. The large branches of the sausage tree are their favorite spot, like any other cat species the mother leopards are protective of their young and the stay with them until around 2 years old. Leopards are solitary creatures, each having their own territory.  Males and females will only cross territories to mate.


The Cheetah life span is from 10 to 12 years and their weight range from 40kg – 65kg (88lbs – 140lbs), they are most known for their speed which can reach up to 80 – 130 km/h, Cheetah is an animal that has a long and slender body which allow them to have great speed and long tail helps with balance and changing direction quickly which give them great ability in hunting, Cheetahs hunt during the day to avoid competition from other predators, also Cheetahs are known for the black streaks down their face (tear marks) and slender build. Cheetah is social animals, but adult females tend to be more solitary and only meet to mate with males.  Mothers will nurse their young in a lair hidden by tall vegetation until the cubs are between 16 – 24 months old.