MAASAI TRIBE: They are one of the most popular ethnic group of semi-nomadic people, they are mostly found in North-Central Tanzania and Southern Kenya (You will likely interact with Maasai around the major national parks, Tarangire, Serengeti and Ngorongoro, this tribe has an estimated Population of 800,000 (1+ million in Kenya/Tanzania). The maasai they are from a group of people who speaks nilotic language (the Nilotic peoples are peoples indigenous to the Nile Valley who speak Nilotic languages).

HADZABE: this is another common cultural group found in Tanzania, they are located in northern part of Tanzania on Lake Eyasi, they have got unique clicking language despite Impact from tourism and pastoralist this tribe has manage to maintain the standards of its culture up to date. This is a group of hunter-gathering society with division of labor among them, Hadzabe men usually forage individually, and women are known generally to forage with at least one adult male accompanying the group. The Hadzabe women usually carry digging sticks, large skin pouches for carrying items like knives, shoes, clothing and various other items held in the pouch around their neck, with a grass basket for carrying berries while foraging.

CHAGGA TRIBE: they are located in Southern and eastern slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, they are bantu speaking people and their population is estimated to reach 2 million, they commonly known for their sense of enterprise, politics and strong work ethics. They have strong cultural practice and they usually their marriage ceremonies are long process traditionally.

SUKUMA TRIBE: Their population is estimated to be 5.5 million; they are bantu speaking people spoken in an area southeast of Lake Victoria between Mwanza and Shinyanga. In Usukuma there is a diversity of religions. Many people practice traditional religion while others are Muslim and Christian. Before the arrival of Arab traders, Christian missionaries and colonial governments, the Sukuma had an organized form of religion which was practiced within the confines of the family compound.

SONJO TRIBE: This are the people who live in a same geographical area as the maasai, About 30,000 Sanjo live in northern Tanzania in the Ngorongoro district about 30-40 miles west of Lake Natron. They are known for their use of irrigation systems in agriculture, a rare trait which causes some historians to link them to the hitherto unexplained ruined irrigation systems of Engaruka, 60 miles (97 km) to the southeast

DATOGA TRIBE: Mostly known as the Mang’ati in Swahili, Datoga people are known as an agro-pastoral nomadic Nilotic speaking tribe, the Datoga people live in the vicinity of Lake Eyasi in northern Tanzania in the Rift Valley. They are skilled farmers and craftsman. Tanzanians consider the Datoga as backward people, they resist formal education where about 5% of the datoga speak Swahili, their literacy rate is about 1%.

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