In Tanzania, Christmas is cerebrated on 25th December each year. Often Christian starts cerebrating the Christmas on 24 December by attending a superb Overnight at churches as they believe that JESUS CHRIST was born around the midnight. Although several Tribes in Tanzania have their own way of cerebrating it but based on religion they have common way of cerebrating Christmas to all people from all tribes.

Always on Christmas different Families and friends or neighbors may invite each other to cerebrate at the chosen area or location where people may make a remarkable photos and have meals together especially Dinner also several Christmas Gifts are provided to each other as  congratulations for reborn with JESUS CHRIST.

The common Meal(s) enjoyed on Christmas are RICE VS MEAT or FISH and sometimes UGALI which is made of a mixture of maize meal and if they can afford it, CHICKEN OR FISH are served as well.

The people of Tanzania are so kind and welcoming when it comes to hospitality during and after Christmas (all the time). Therefore if you are interested to come cerebrate Christmas in Tanzania please we SHENGENA ADVENTURE CO. LTD are welcoming you so much. We always leave a remarkable memory of our services for our beloved guests. YOU COME AS A GUEST; YOU LEAVE AS A BEST FRIEND.