1. Arusha national park.

When you are in Arusha you can always take a day trip to the closest national park in Arusha which is the Arusha national park that is located near the city, Wildlife that exists within the park are like the Zebras, giraffes, hippos and buffaloes, other animal that are rarely seen are Leopards, hyenas and elephants.

2. Coffee Plantation tour.

Arabica and Robusta coffee are Tanzania’s largest export, good geography and climate on hilly landscape around Arusha boasts some of the largest and most productive coffee plantations in East Africa, and you can take tour around one outstanding coffee plantation and make your own cup of coffee from the plantation factory.

3. National Natural History Museum Arusha

The museum is also known as the old boma, dating back to the early 20thcentury when it was built by the German and now it’s the national natural museum, The museum also explores the human kind evolution and their fossil history

4. Visit Lake duluti

Also you can visit lake duluti which is a volcanic crater lake, the lake attracts a number of birds, including herons, kingfishers, egrets and  fish eagles, the area also has a number of small wildlife which makes it a great place for natural walk.


5. Meserani Snake Park

When in Arusha you can spend some few hours at the meserani snake park and meet some of Africa’s deadliest snakes, the guide wild gives a short tour and explain in details about each snake that you will see and after the tour you will visit a Maasai cultural center to learn a bit about their culture, observe their handmade materials and wear their traditional clothes.

6. Visit Shanga workshop

Shanga is a social enterprise, which employs people with disabilities to create unique and high-quality handmade jewelry, glassware and Homewares incorporating recycled materials. These products are sold in the Shanga shop in Tanzania, as well as around the world, with profits being reinvested back into developing opportunities to employ more people with disabilities.

7. Tanzanite and diamond brooch

The Tanzanite Experience explains the process of mining, cutting, polishing and grading Tanzanite through an interactive tour and visual exhibitions. Learn more about the mystery and rarity of these unique Tanzanian gems before browsing the store and perhaps selecting a special piece of jewelry. The stones are graded in a similar fashion to diamonds, and The Tanzanite Experience offers high-quality gems at very reasonable prices.

8. Kikuletwa hot spring

This is clear blue crystal water attracts you to swim, also the village is dotted with remarkable baobab trees with a unique stare, wild date palm, East Africa doum palms and green cultivated land supported by irrigation system from different springs, different bird species, and primates.

9. Visit Lake Chala

This is a crater lake that straddles the border between Kenya and Tanzania. The lake is known for its beautiful color (which changes depending on the time of year), the lake is located about 1.5 hours away from Moshi. This is the perfect place to escape for some hiking, kayaking or fishing.

10. Walk with rescued monkeys

Tanzania Walking with monkeys in Moshi, Kilimanjaro Animal CREW is part of Makoa Farm, a gorgeous lodge located on the slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro, and their main aim is to educate people about animal conservation.

11. Marangu village tour and caves

Experience life on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro and visit Marangu Village. You can meet friendly coffee farmers, visit the waterfalls and a local Chagga museum, also you can enjoy eating local dishes and drinking home-brewed banana beer. There is also the opportunity to visit the colorful local markets and see the historic caves that were used as hiding points from enemies during clan wars.

12. Visit Coffee Plantation and Materuni Waterfall.

In Materuni you’ll have the chance to take a refreshing (very cold) dip in the pool at the bottom, before heading to a local homestead to eat traditional Chagga food, learn how to make coffee, whilst singing Chagga songs and drink banana beer.

13. Explore the local markets

Exploring the local markets are a great activity to do, these markets mainly sell fresh fruits and vegetables, second-hand clothes and other essential household goods. You can also shop for kangas, the colorful materials, you’ll see the local women tie around their waists. Memorial Market in Soweto is a short dala dala ride from the town center and the best place to just wander around and take in the vibrant atmosphere.