The best time for safari.
The Best time to visit Tanzania for Safari is from June to October, In Tanzania the dry season starts from June to October and this is the best time for game drive for most of the park, especially the southern and western circuit, but for the northern circuit the parks can be visited throughout the year.

The best time to see the great wildebeest migration.
From December to April the migration starts in the southern part of Serengeti up to Ndutu area, and between may and June the animal move toward Grumeti river and Serengeti western corridor searching for pasture and water, they continue grazing while keep moving towards the northern part of Serengeti.

From July to late September the wildebeest and other antelope start their movement from the northern Serengeti (Bologonja, Ikorongo and Ikoma Game Reserve) to the other side of Mara River the Maasai mara which is in Kenya,
In November the pastures on mara area are more often exhaust during this period and the animal rush back to Serengeti north and continue moving to the south part where there is green pasture and the cycle begins again.

The best time to climb Kilimanjaro.

Although it’s possible to climb Mount Kilimanjaro all year round, timing is a good factor in your chances of a successful summit. There are two climbing periods, both of which fall in the dry season months of June to October and January to February. At other times of the year, seasonal rains can make the routes slippery and somehow challenging to navigate. January and February are generally warmer than the winter months of June to October. Whatever time of year you decide to climb, make sure to bring cold weather gear, because the top of the mountain is usually crowned with ice.

Seasons & Climate in Tanzania.

Dry season (June – October)

During these months, it’s a fine time to visit Tanzania-especially if want to witness the wildebeest migration which occurs between July to September. During these months most animals are easier to spot since they congregate around the limited sources of water, and what little vegetation is able to grow during the dry season. Mosquitoes are not a problem during this season, so that’s another advantage of traveling to Tanzania during the dry season.

Wet season (November – May)

During these months the landscape is lush and green and the migratory birds will be around, January and February are great months for catching the wildebeest calving season. The rainiest months are March and April,  the benefits of traveling during these months, many camps will close during these months, but it’s easier to find good deals on lodging, and you won’t see as many other tourists.